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Around this time of year, drivers often ask us for some tips they can use to drive safely in the winter. With the weather we experience in a typical winter around our Stevens Point, WI Nissan dealership, it’s no wonder why motorists are eager to ask for advice about driving in adverse conditions.

Of course, the first thing you should do is make an appointment to bring your Nissan Altima or Nissan Rogue in to our Nissan service center near Wausau, WI. A vehicle that’s not in tip-top shape can suffer greatly in the winter due to slippery roads and below-freezing temperatures. Play it safe and let our factory-trained technicians inspect and make sure your vehicle is ready for the challenges that winter often brings with it.

Increasing your following distance is an absolute must when the roads are wet or covered with snow, sleet, or ice. In those conditions, your following distance should be a minimum of eight to 10 seconds, instead of the average three to four. You should also never use cruise control on slick roads, and refrain from using your emergency brake as the cable can become frozen and fail to release when disengaged. Taking things slow when the weather’s bad is always advisable during the winter. You’ll need to slow your speed, starts, stops, and turns.

For more winter driving tips, contact Van Horn Nissan Stevens Point as soon as today!

And happy holidays to all our customers here in Wisconsin! Have a safe and fun time with your family and friends.