We understand that being a standout dealership serving the greater Wisconsin Rapids, WI area means more than just selling 2019 Nissan cars and providing top-notch customer service; it also means providing comprehensive maintenance services. Of all the car care services that we offer our customers, motor fluid maintenance is one of the most important.

Your engine is powered by fluids. While gasoline can certainly provide a source of power to your engine, three other fluids are responsible for smooth function, and long-term engine health: coolant, motor oil, and transmission fluid.

Transmission fluid is a lubricant used by your transmission, which is responsible for the smooth shifting of gears. Without transmission fluid, this gear shifting device would fail to function well, and in the long-term, break down completely. Our car care experts recommend that you change your transmission fluid out every 30,000 to 60,000 miles.

Coolant is a motor fluid responsible for keeping your engine running at an optimal temperature. Without coolant, your powertrain would surely overheat and result in some pretty serious and expensive repairs. Much like transmission fluid, we recommend that you change your coolant every 60,000 miles.

Last, but far from the least is motor oil. Oil is a lubricant utilized by your entire engine. It is highly effective at keeping your powertrain lubricated, clean, and cool, but it develops grime over time and depletes, which may hinder the motor oil’s overall effectiveness. To combat this, we suggest that you have your motor oil changed every 5,000 miles or so.

If you’re looking to have your motor fluids serviced by a trained professional, our Nissan service center at Van Horn Nissan Stevens Point is your answer. Fully equipped and prepared to go the extra mile, we’ll ensure that your engine runs smoothly well into the future.